Best IAS Coaching in Lucknow

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Best IAS Coaching in Lucknow

  • Finding a perfect environment with a good faculty for preparation of General Studies sources of PCS is a tough task, but at IAS NEXT one can easily find a mixture of both.
  • The notes and test series and also the extended crash course class is a boon for exam motivation and preparation.


  • A good environment
  • Best notes and teaching staff.
  • Maintaince of student records
  • Best Test Series
  • Many selections and guaranteed success.

Mission & Vision

  • The first and fare mast mission of the institute is to give the best notes and a good environment for studies.
  • Motivation to students.
  • Selection in UPSC, PCS-J, PCS and other exams.
  • Great experience.
  • Great Staff and faculty.

Carrier Guide for UPSC and PCS

  • Cracking the UPSC and PCS is step which needs proper planning, regularity and time investment and the mantra for it is achieved in this coaching, as it gives great guidance and motivation for one to succeed.
  • the notes and test series and also innovative lectures helps one to attain knowledge without difficulty.

Multiplatform for UPSC and PCS students

  • Both the exams are different to one another but at IAS NEXT, one can build up the temp to track both.
  • The mantra to achieve success is given in the classes, all one needs to do is time management and hard work.
  • UPSC candidates have also given results from the coaching, as well as the PCS students have given results, thus IAS NEXT is the way to achieve success in UPSC and PCS
  • The environment here and the staff and faculty in all is best.
  • Students are motivated for their aim.
  • All the serious candidates looking for selection should definitely option for IAS NEXT
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